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JROTC Health (1/2 Credit) Student Resp. (1/2 Credit)

Junior ROTC Health and Student Responsibilities

AFJROTC Health 1/2 credit  Student Responsibilities 1/2 credit

This course emphasizes knowledge, skills and understanding that enable students to develop healthy lifestyles as they move from adolescence toward young adulthood.  In addition to the Health curriculum, students are introduced to the Air Force Junior ROTC program through lessons in the Leadership 100 book as well as Military Drill & Ceremony.  Wear of the Air Force uniform is optional when enrolled in the Health course.

Object/Rationale:  The 9th grade year is a time of many changes and decisions. JROTC Health is designed to help students learn about their changing bodies, to help them sort out emotions and personal values, to aid them in maintaining optimum health as a lifelong process, and to show students how to take responsibility for making healthy decisions.

Health is all about the student. Topics include real-life situations for teens.  Units last two or three weeks, than we are on to something new! The topic areas are based on teen pressures and teenage risk behaviors:

1. Mental Health: dealing with stress, depression, suicide; having empathy for others; violence prevention; positive self-esteem; handling peer pressures; making decisions; the importance of sleep; anger management; communication skills; conflict resolution skills, uncompromising values; dealing with bullies, understanding media literacy and more...

2. Sexuality: understanding reproductive anatomy and related issues; preventing sexually transmitted infections (diseases) and pregnancy; the benefits of abstinence; recognizing healthy and unhealthy Relationships; birth control, handling sexual abuse and assault, being safe, including internet safety

3. Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs: understanding the dangers of substance use and help them knowing how to be above the influence to use.

4. Nutrition: balanced eating; understanding nutrients; reading food labels; the importance of exercise; the dangers of many diets and eating disorders

Students will receive Certified training in First-Aid, CPR and A.E.D. applications.

Students will receive 3 Supplementary Jump-Start CTE's from this course.