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AHS 2018-2019 PBIS Committee

Holly George

Kerri Sweatman - Tier 1

Angel Stinson - Tier 2

Marnie Garrett - Tier 3

Jordan Landry

Kurt Chatterson

Beth Moore

Lori Winget

Adina Cubley

Leigh Wolf


Mrs. Wakefield was so excited when she heard the announcement that she had won a pizza for lunch!

PBIS - Pizza with a Pal Winners

Airline High School  PBIS provides a program titled Pizza with a Pal .  Students can put their Viking Vouchers in a bx located in the library each week for a drawing for a free pizza to be delivered during lunch break on Fridays.  The student AND teacher receive their own Johnny's party pizza with the topping of their choice. The winners are:



Congratulations to all the winners!


PBIS Intervention Request

Student - if you feel you need further support or interventions to be successful, just fill out the below request and we will help with supports or interventions to help you with academic or behavioral concerns. 

Parent/Guardian - if you feel your child needs additional supports or interventions because he/she is not successful academically or behaviorally, please complete the below request.


Please go to our home page and complete the request form.  It can be found on the left side of the page.

PBIS Tier II Program

The VIKES Support Program is only one aspect of our Tier II PBIS program to help students succeed in school.  VIKES is a school-wide prevention program for students who need added support throughout their day.  The goal is to catch at-risk students early and provide them with more feedback on their behavior and academic struggles to prevent future problems, as well as to increase the rate of positive interactions for that student with school staff.


Program Outline

  • The VIKES Program is a research-based intervention for at-risk students to provide opportunities for additional feedback and positive interactions.
  • Students in the VIKES Program have been recommended by a committee of teachers that identifies interventions for students.
  • Common behaviors that would elicit this intervention are having trouble staying on-task, difficulty completing assignments, attendance issues and having office discipline referrals.
  • The students check-in every morning with the mentor/teacher assigned to them and receive a point sheet based on the school-wide expectations. 
  • The point sheet is filled out after each class during the day.
  • The students check-out with the mentor/teacher at the end of the day, monitoring progress through goal-setting and charting. 


Roles and Responsibilities


Student Participants

² Sign Contract Agreement.

² Check-in and check-out daily with mentor/teacher

² Get point sheet filled out daily



Parents of Participants

² Sign Contract Agreement.

² Provide positive and constructive feedback.

² Communicate with the school when there are concerns or celebrations regarding the student’s success.


Classroom Teacher

² Sign Contract Agreement.

² Accept Report Form daily from students.

² Evaluate student behaviors and complete the form.

² Offer constructive and positive feedback to students.

Student of the Day

While interviewing students to determine ways to reward those students who are "doing it the Airline way,"  they suggested identifying these students each morning during announcements.  This is when our Student of the Day program began.  Students are nominated by their teachers along with the reason for their nomination.  The following students have been named Student of the Day so far this term:

Last First Date Teacher

Tier II Made Quite a Statement at the Homecoming Parade

Our Tier II Students have been working hard.  Mrs. Stinson decide they needed a little fun, so what better way than to have a float in this year's homecoming parade.  They also decided they wanted the best person to pull their float so they enlisted the help of Principal Jason Rowland.  They had a great time!