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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    January 2019 #theAirlineWAY!!!

         So finally the new year is here with a renewed expectation of another 365 days of fun, joy, adventure and happiness. Peoples of every religion, race, and country celebrate the New Year, with one of the biggest celebrations in the world. It’s a tradition to wish our beloved one’s a successful year ahead comprising of joy, happiness and prosperity. As we all are familiar with the fact that the best way to convey our thoughts and feelings towards our beloved ones is through New Year wishes.

         People across the world literally wait the whole year for the special day of celebration which marks the end of a year, welcoming the upcoming year. On new year’s eve people bid farewell to the previous year and ring in the optimism of what is in front.  This is largely based on one’s hopes and aspirations for a betterment from the previous year.  Our wish for our school and community is to see new successes and sustain the positive direction that we are embracing.  While the New Year brings an opportunity to be resolute in new opportunities, our school will continue many initiatives from the previous.  Our goals will largely be reinforced with tweaks being made to allow for efficiency in the effort. 

         My challenge is for our students to take advantage of every day that they have while being a student.  We do not want to wait for the opportunity to be great.  Let’s embrace the very day that we are in and make the most of what we have been granted.  We want to develop the mind set of not settling for less, avoid the very essence of compromise, and determine to do things the right way, the best way, the Airline Way.  That in of itself will lend itself to a year of successes that you will never forget. 

    Happy New Year—2019….

    May God Bless You ALL,

    Jason Rowland, Principal—Airline High School

    Pizza with a Pal

    Winner Jan. 18, 2019

    Yessica Hernandez and Mrs. Lepore

    Yessica Hernandez

    Mrs. Lepore

    AHS Calendar
    Everyday Evidences

    In Airline High School's Freshmen English class taught by Mrs. Barrios, the class had just read Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path", when one young man asked how was the story an allegory?  His classmates began to answer and explain it, without prompt. 

    These students had not understood what an allegory was until we read the story.  They learned on their own and assisted their classmates in learning.  

    A Worn Path


    Airline High School’s AFJROTC was invited to a local elementary school (St. Joseph’s Catholic School) to teach students the importance of honoring and respecting our flag, along with the proper etiquette while folding and retiring the flags.  

    Ms. Stewart's Chemistry Class

    Airline High School students in Ms. Stewart’s chemistry class conducted a lab to identify the chemical and physical properties of substances.  The students conducted experiments to classify the reactions as chemical or physical changes.  Students usually have difficulty distinguishing between physical and chemical changes.  However, an understanding of the differences between purely physical processes and the changes that take place in chemical reactions is important to an understanding of chemistry.

    Project Graduation

    image Class of 2019


    Important information about Project Graduation 2019. 

    2019 AHS PG price list

     2019 AHS PG Student Registration Form


    Mission Statement

    We learn the best over all the rest.


    To be the highest performing school district in the state for  2018-2019.

    Daily Announcements


    Thursday January 17, 2019

    Top Gains Honoree Badge

    In the Spotlight

    Airline Girls Soccer

    These girls made the LHSAA Composite All-Academic Girls Soccer Team.  Never before have we had so many student-athletes selected from one of our teams.  

    Lindsey Donlan

    Michaela Kunath

    Lauren Koertge

    Emily Francis

    Aine O' Nuanain

    Girls Soccer
    image Girls