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Check-in/Check Out Procedures

Airline's Check In/Out Procedures


1.  A parent or guardian must physically appear in the Student Office at the school to check a student out unless the student has his or her own personal transportation (not riding with some else) and brings a note from the parent the morning of check-out.

2.   Last minute check outs are discouraged! Processing time for last minute checkouts is often 15-30 minutes dependent on time of request. (Lunch check outs will not be processed until the lunch shift ends and students report to class).

3.   Students who know they must check out during the day will fill out a check out slip before school. The Student Office is required to make contact with a parent to confirm the check-out. Bogus checkouts or attempts may result in disciplinary or legal action for both parties.

4.   The office will notify the student when it is time to check out. The student must come to the office, present his/her ID, and sign out prior to leaving the campus. The student must leave the campus immediately after signing out.

5.   If a student becomes ill during the day, a written request check out form must be obtained from his/her teacher and sent to the student office. Upon verification by the student office secretary, the office will notify and inform the parent. The student will remain in class until a parent is able to come to school to get him/her.

6.   Parental authorized check-out forms are available in the student office for parents who wish to allow others to check out their student. This form must be signed in the student office by a parent, not taken home for parent signature.

7.   In all cases, students must sign in and out in the student office.

8.   NO check outs will be allowed during state testing or final exam schedule.


Airline High School Tardy Policy


With the start of the 2008-2009 school year, AHS is instituted a tardy recording procedure in order to align our policies with House Bill No. 1133 of Act No. 745, which was passed by the Louisiana Legislature in the 2008 session. The law redefined the state tardy/attendance policies in an effort to curtail the recent trends regarding truancy. The law clearly identifies a student as tardy any time the student arrives at school unexcused after the scheduled starting time of the school day. Also, the law expands the definition of the term tardy to include, but not be limited to, a student who leaves or checks out of school unexcused prior to the regularly scheduled dismissal time at the end of the school day. An additional clarification implemented by the new state law is the conversion of 5 tardies to 1 unexcused absence to be added to a student’s attendance file.



Airline High will maintain consistency with regards to discipline associated with the law as it relates to tardies and absences.

· 3rd offense- Letter home

· 4th offense-3 days after school detention

· 5th offense- 1 day of GASP and one unexcused absence

· 6th offense- 2 days GASP and 2 week suspension of driving privilege

· 7th offense- 3 days of GASP and suspension of driving privilege for the remainder of the term and possible driver’s license suspension

-8th and up - administrative action